January 26, 2014

[ENG SUB] MNet Wide News & EXO TvN ePlanner

MNet Wide News - Tips How to Making Friends with Idols
mention to Chanyeol and Xiumin 

Our Suho-nim and ByunBaek are going to be THE NEW INKIGAYO MCs! + Other

To be exact, leader-nim Suho and chatty Baekhyun!!

Baekhyun and Suho are going to be Inkigayo MCs along with Lee Yubi and Gwanghee starting this 16th February 2014 based on this article !!

140124 - Mr. ZiTao's new Weibo DP

My God, it's JC >.<

cr: hnnngzitao

Sehun - The Celebrity Magazine BTS Video + Translation

FB Update - New EXO's goods -_-

Check out EXO new items of SMTOWN POP-UP STORE.


cr: EXO's Facebook

[ENG SUB] 140124 EXO-M Iqiyi Interview + Photos

[ENG SUB] EXO's Showtime EP. 9 + Some News

EXO's 9
Mian, I am to lazy for this

January 23, 2014

140121 EXO on JJANG!

Jake just posted this on Twitter


Baekhyun is mentioned in a guessing game!

Lee Seongmi: The boy idol group member who looks like me
Daughter: B-baekhyun?

140121 EXO-M’s iQiyi Interview Previews

cr: boonyi; deadmotion

140121 EXO Nature's Republic Interview

Reminds me of the Chinese version with extra parts 


[ENG SUB] 140117 Chanyeol at Laws of the Jungle

Last episode...he did so well though 


Sasaeng fan steals D.O.'s boxers, attempts to sell online -_-

So sasaeng fans strike again as one reportedly "stole" Kyungsoo's boxers and is trying to sell them online:


[ENG SUB] 140120 EXO-M Sohu Interview

cr: boonyi

also an extra video from the Golden Disk Awards.

140120 ePlanner - EXO full cut + EXO-M CCTV Spring festival interview + Suho's cut in PM & I

Boys are shooting CF for arcade game on kakaotalk (다함께 붕붕붕) 

dl link in case somebody is interested